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Feminism and Psychosis, Concerning the Delusion of Valerie Solanas

25. Juni 2022,15:00 - 18:00

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Workshop am Samstag, dem 25. Juni, um 15 bis 18 Uhr.
Öffentlicher Vortrag am Samstag, im Rahmen des Workshops, den 25. Juni um 19:00.

Organisation: Nadine Hartmann und Camilla Croce
Der öffentliche Vortrag wird auf Englisch stattfinden.
Der Workshop findet auf Deutsch und Französisch statt.

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Teilnahmegebühren: 10 Euro für Nicht-Mitglieder, 5 Euro für Mitglieder und Freunde.

Silvia Lippi: Feminism and Psychosis, Concerning the Delusion of Valerie Solanas

Who said psychoanalysis and feminism have to oppose one another?

If for Jacques Lacan woman is “mystical,” for Valerie Solanas, she is “SCUM,” meaning powerful, independent, and, most of all, completebecause she can live without men.

However, this completeness is not that of an imaginary omnipotence: it’s the full, undivided, subject of psychosis.

The SCUM manifesto shows that it is possible to navigate a passage from the neurotic position, relating to the dominant Other, to the psychotic position, relating to the persecutory Other. In the first case, the Other will persist in his endless endeavor of effacing the subject, and the neurotics will keep complaining and accusing him while at the same time submitting to him. In the schizophrenic relation there is no possible compromise: for the sake of a better world that concerns all of us, the other must be hunted down and eliminated.

How to think Valerie’s delusion concerning the extermination of men? Her psychosis presents us with a new way to conceive of feminism: Perhaps one must be “crazy” to be a feminist, wishing to overturn the hetero-patriarchal world?

We want to show how Valerie Solanas’s feminist delusion allows us to think the battles of women proceeding from the unconscious, along the specific tie that can emerge among women, a linkage based on a repressed sisterhood, neglected far too long by mainstream psychoanalysis.


25. Juni 2022,
15:00 - 18:00

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