The idea of founding a library for psychoanalysis in Berlin stemmed from individual analysts’ desire to have a space dedicated to psychoanalytic research and praxis in the vein of Freud and Lacan.

The library is a juncture point for various Lacanian groups in Berlin: the Freud-Lacan-Society, (Freud-Lacan-Gesellschaft, founded 1997), the Psychoanalytic Salon (Psychoanalytischer Salon Berlin, founded 1997), and LaGiB – Lacan Group in Berlin (LaGiB – Lacan Gruppe in Berlin, founded 2007). The library also serves as a point of intersection for groups with members from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, such as the Association for Freudian Psychoanalysis (Assoziation für die Freudsche Psychoanalyse, founded 1993) and the Psychoanalytic Collegium (Psychoanalytische Kolleg, founded 2004).

The Library has three main components: an event space, the library/archive and two praxis rooms.

Event Space
A permanent space for thinking, speaking and writing. The room can be used for seminars, conferences and other events.

Comprises a collection of relevant literature on psychoanalysis and an archive for the conservation of documents and materials related to the groups associated with the PsyBi.

Praxis Rooms
Two rooms for psychoanalytic praxis.

Public Events
The Library invites psychoanalysts to give talks open to the general public.
The Library is committed to open exchange with non-psychoanalysts.
The Library fosters exchange between artists and psychoanalysts.

Friends and Members of the Library
Beyond having access to the Library’s collection, friends of the Library also pay a reduced entry fee for all events. The minimum contribution is €10/month. To become a friend of the Library, please fill out the contact form here:
The Library’s partner organizations pay a monthly fee agreed upon by both parties.
Partners may use the event space for meetings, seminars, lectures, and other events as well as for the storage of their archives.
Use of the event space for an entire day requires special arrangements.

Partners of the Library include:

  • Association for Freudian Psychoanalysis (Assoziation für die Freudsche Psychoanalyse, AFP)
  • Freud-Lacan-Society (Freud-Lacan-Gesellschaft, FLG)
  • Psychoanalytic Collegium (Psychoanalytisches Kolleg)

Geisbergstraße 29, 10777 Berlin

Opening Hours
Please see the German contact page for current opening hours.